Welcome to LOVE & LIGHTS

Wedding and Love Stories by Mario Schmitt


I love shooting photographic documentaries. That’s why I prefer to document weddings as whole day stories.

Your wedding day is a unique day in your life, and I believe only shooting portraits are an injustice.

There are so many beautiful moments during this day that I want to capture for you. I will discretely follow you from the early hours when you have a coffee and do make-up until the night when things get crazy with friends and family. 

The entire day I will stay “invisible” and will not disturb your celebration.

To me, it’s important that my pictures are authentic as well as artistic. I want you to re-live your special day again whenever flipping through your own unique photo story – a story full of Love and Lights. Wedding documentaries are not only about shooting the highlights of the day, but also about the little moments that make this day so wonderful. Those little moments that mean so much usually go unnoticed during the blurred hustle of the day but they will be captured artistically with nature and architecture combined. 

If you agree, I am the right photographer for you.


Besides genuine wedding documentaries, I also shoot timeless portraits of couples.